7th December 2016

QUT Welcomes King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands

ViseR were proud to be part of the visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands on November 4. Throughout 2016, we’ve been collaborating with Australian and Dutch organisations (Queensland Reconstruction Authority, Deltares, HydroNET) to create modelling and visualisation tools for assessing flood risk. News release: https://www.qut.edu.au/news/news?news-id=111456 ViseR assisted Deltares to adapt The Smart… View Article

28th November 2016

ViseR in Adelaide to Launch “The MTC Globe”

This year, ViseR has been consulting to the South Australian Department of State Development (DSD) to develop visualisation solutions for the Manufacturing Technologies Centre at Mawson Lakes, north of Adelaide. With the DSD, we developed technology requirements and digital interactive visualisations for installation at the facility. The ‘hero’ of the MTC is The MTC Globe,… View Article

16th November 2016

Liberact IV: Converge & Create

From 31 October to 1 November, the IFE’s Visualisation and eResearch team hosted “Liberact”, an Australian first for the international conference. Centred at The Cube at QUT, the event brought together thinkers, leaders, creators, and builders of digital interactive experiences in public, corporate, and academic spaces worldwide. The fourth year for the event focused discussions… View Article

10th October 2016

Viser gets some new toys.. (Hololens)

Today Viser finally received our Microsoft Hololens units in the mail! Can’t wait to start sinking our teeth into some development for these.  

10th March 2016

Roames visit ViseR

Fugro Roames came for a tour of the ViseR facilities on Thursday. With similar innovation and interests in 3D spatial visualisations as ViseR, they were welcome guests, and even threw up some of their own visualisations on Viser’s experimental meganode for the cube!   Roames’ LCNI (low carbon networks innovation) running across 4 projector’s in… View Article

2nd March 2016

Capturing Cube Touch Data (TUIO) and Storage Using Splunk

Touch REST service visualisation example
The SensingSEC platform provides access to touch data that is captured from across all of the multi-touch screens that make up the QUT Cube installation (http://www.thecube.qut.edu.au). Each screen outputs touch data in TUIO format (Tangible User Interface Objects – http://www.tuio.org). The TUIO data is captured and archived using Splunk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splunk), which is a platform that… View Article

12th January 2016

Developing Sensing SEC

A fair chunk of my 2015 was spent heading up the Sensing SEC project, so I thought I may write a debrief/reflection on the process – which at times was frustrating and challenging – but the end result is a set of tools and visualisations that ViseR and the university stakeholders can be proud of. Some of the largest hurdles came… View Article

1st December 2015

People Counting From CCTV Security Camera Footage

One of the data streams being logged for the Sensing SEC platform includes data derived from CCTV footage captured from a number of security cameras located around the QUT campus. The security camera footage is captured and fed into various image tracking algorithms in order to estimate the number of people present in the scene… View Article