The Cube Globe

The Cube Globe is a platform for community engagement, scenario planning, and STEM education endeavours. Through state-of-the-art immersive visualisation, animation, and multi-media design, the Cube Globe enables users to realise their place in the world, understand what happens around them, and reach understandings of the challenges and opportunities the world faces now and into the future.

The Cube Globe presents rich graphics of the Earth combined with data visualisations, 3D models, and integrated multimedia. Through an array of stories presented through key categories, visitors uncover the great potential of spatial data visualisation and digital earth systems.

Originally developed for display on The Cube, the platform is now available anywhere as desktop, mobile, large-scale display systems and will present real-time and historic datasets.

The project continues to evolve and is a major part of the ViseR portfolio and consulting service. Key deployments include:

  • Asia-Pacific Cities Summit 2015, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Seqwater ‘Water for Life’ community engagement program, QUT and Regional Sites
  • Hypothetical on the 2036 Brisbane River Flood, QUT
  • The Manufacturing Technologies Centre, Mawson Lakes (South Australia Department of State Development)

Transforming How We Gain Insight

The Cube Globe is inspiring researchers, economists, planners, and analysts to leverage new ways to engage their stakeholders. In 2016, ViseR will develop The Cube Globe in areas like:

  • Asset management
  • Ecosystem and public infrastructure modelling
  • Mapping innovation, trade, and competitiveness in industry
  • Surveillance and quarantine response planning

Under the Hood

The Cube Globe is a powerful web-browser tool to present complex ideas to varied audiences. To do this, a number of technologies are used, including:

  • GeoServer – Open source geospatial data server
  • Carto – Leading cloud-based analysis and visualisation platform
  • Cesium – Open source JavaScript library for 3D digital earth